Solaranlagen Schraubenelement

Test and repair of solar systems as a core competence

Both in ground-mounted systems and on commercial buildings and family homes, the performance and safety of PV systems is continually being impaired. This may be due to defective components, wear, poor installation or damage due to external influences such as storms, hail and snow or power surges after lightning.

The inspection and maintenance of PV systems is therefore an indispensable preventative measure for ensuring the quality of your PV system and securing its yield. In the event of existing damage or reduced performance, ADLER Solar can always find the perfect solution thanks to its repair measures, which include the procurement of appropriate spare parts or new products. This represents a cost-effective alternative to a new purchase.

The ADLER Solar repair solutions are recommended by large PV insurance companies and experienced PV experts. Thanks to our long-standing collaboration in the field, our procedures are well honed and our order handling processes are well-established.

VGH Versicherung progress report

VGH Versicherungen has worked with ADLER Solar on a large number of claims, and this has always been a thoroughly positive experience. The approach to complex claims […] and the subsequent support […] are carried out promptly and in an exemplary manner.

Heinz-Wilhelm Giseke, Head of Department at VGH Versicherungen

Our services

With outdoor and commercial PV systems, we locate and analyse the faults on site. With all other systems, the most cost-effective solution is often for us to carry out the inspection and repair work at the ADLER Solar Service Centre.

Case example: hail damage

Following a storm, a farmer notices that his 84 kWp PV system on the roof of the riding hall has been damaged by hail. The electroluminescence (EL) sample shows a high level of damage. Necessary action: Disassembly of all modules. Disassembly and reassembly by a local installation technician.

ADLER Solar services:

  • On-site observation of the PV system, including an EL sample test
  • High-resolution EL measurement using a mobile PV test centre (MBJ) during the disassembly process
  • Procurement of the appropriate replacement modules
  • Direct coordination with the installation technician
  • Report for the insurance company

Case example: lightning

A PV expert attends a number of on-site appointments for insurance companies in order to check whether the communication unit, the inverter or the PV modules have been damaged after lightning.

ADLER Solar services:

  • Delivery of packaging materials to the construction site
  • Collection of components by ADLER Solar
  • Inspection and repairing of the components at the ADLER Solar Service Centre
  • Documentation for the insurance company
  • Final function checks
  • Prompt delivery of the repaired components back to the customer

Equipment & procedure

At our specially equipped Service Centre, PV experts use state-of-the-art testing technology to carry out quality and performance tests on the solar modules and components, as well as carrying out the repairs. Thanks to the high-quality equipment in our mobile PV test centres (MBJ), we also offer effective testing directly on site or on installed systems.

Methods used include the following:

  • Thermographic imaging, e.g. to detect hotspots
  • Resistance measuring, e.g. to detect insulation errors/to verify the effectiveness of a repair
  • Performance measurement including documentation of the flash data
  • EL recordings, e.g. to detect micro-cracks
  • Visual inspection based on the ADLER Solar fault catalogue, e.g. to assess the frame, cables and connectors
  • Crack-age-test to distinguish between old and new micro-cracks

Your added PV value:

  • Benefits for customers – coordinated process with the installation technician, quick recommissioning, acceptance of the documentation by the insurance company
  • Benefits for installation technicians – experts for measuring inserts as a supplement, access to special modules
  • Benefits for insurance companies – quick processing, perfectly coordinated basis for the regulatory decision, transparency and trust
  • Experience – over 4.5 million modules processed by ADLER Solar to date
  • Situation-dependent approach – testing and repairs at the Service Centre, on site and/or in installed condition
  • Professional handling – final ADLER Solar test report,
  • incoming and outgoing checks plus packaging of the modules
  • Experienced & reliable – processes that we have been optimising for many years together with manufacturers, insurance companies and PV experts

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