Solaranlagen Schraubenelement

Repowering of solar systems and inverters for performance optimisation

Despite regular maintenance, ageing PV systems are subject to wear, increased susceptibility to errors and increased module degradation. This results in a progressive drop in performance and the associated huge loss of income.

The same applies to inverters – defective or meanwhile inefficient inverters are synonymous with reduced yields.

With its Repowering package of measures, which goes far beyond a conventional system repair, ADLER Solar has developed solutions aimed at stopping this performance delta and at returning PV systems to their original rated capacity. This will bring back your high levels of productivity, which will in turn restore the stable economic efficiency over your system’s remaining life cycle.

Our services:

  • Fault verification and rectification for PV modules
  • Advice and support when coordinating with the responsible distribution system operator
  • Delivery of BOS components and performance of renovation measures

Your added PV value:

  • Increased efficiency – new systems (or system parts) are replaced with new systems or parts, and above all more efficient ones
  • Extended yield – (potential) expansion of the overall system into the space freed up by a new system in accordance with EEG 2017
  • Everything in view – optimisation of the infrastructure for further yield increases
  • Quick Return on Investment – investment protection thanks to targeted optimisation measures over the remaining life cycle
  • Experience – ADLER Solar has been providing Repowering solutions since 2012

5 ADLER Solar steps to restoring original rated capacity and the performance optimisation of your PV system:

  • Detailed inventory of the PV system with technical inspection, yield analysis, documentation and measure assessment.
  • Development of a customized planning concept with measure recommendations and economic efficiency observation, drafting of the technical renovation concept with a project schedule
  • Quotation preparation and checking of the individual financing options
  • Project implementation including disposal of the old modules and handling of the guarantee and warranty claims
  • Test run with monitoring, documentation and handover with ADLER Solar Approved Quality Standard
ADLER Solar carried out a performance analysis for us in order to work out the difference between the current status and the original rated capacity of our PV system“. “As a customer, we drew benefit from ADLER Solar’s many years of expertise as a full-service provider. Not only this, but the whole process was managed efficiently from a single source. The competent and prompt implementation of the Repowering project lead to significant performance optimisation, and therefore to an increase in our ROI.

Armin Stahl, Stillger&Stahl Vermögensverwaltung (with a portfolio value > EUR 300 million)

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