Solaranlagen Schraubenelement

Engineering Consulting from the planning stage right through to the fault-free operation of a photovoltaic system

For years, the solar industry has been under immense pricing pressure, leading to a significant drop in construction costs for solar parks. Still, investment costs (CAPEX) are to be optimised further – in straight opposition to the challenge of quality assurance. Our Engineering Consulting team will support you as a competent partner through all phases of a solar installation’s life cycle. Since 2008, the PV experts of ADLER Solar have been continually building upon their specialist knowledge and wealth of experience – and consequently been making a name for themselves in the PV sector.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM)

Contrary to the standard EPC, EPCM is limited to steering the project and construction management – meaning there are no further margins on reselling, components or subcontractor services. In this case, ADLER Solar as an experienced PV full service provider acts as the overall project leader while the client is in charge of sourcing required materials as well as subcontractors directly. During this phase, we will consult you as our client and oversee all rendered third-party services going forward. At the end, our certified PV experts will also accompany the final inspection of the lot plus ensure that your PV system is without fault and corresponds with state of the art technology.

Owner’s Engineering

We facilitate technical due diligence procedures and consult you thoroughly regarding the purchase process. As an Owner’s Engineer we represent the interests of the owner of large construction projects, take over the technical guidance and control the EPC when it comes to time, cost and quality. Here, we grant planning clearance, issue intermediary approvals and coordinate the commissioning as per IEC 62446 as well as the transfer of risk. At the same time, our experts also take a look at optimising the existing PV system.

Technical Advisor for Banks and Insurances

On top we offer technical consultancy and added services aimed at banks and insurances. Our certified PV experts create appraisals as well as insurance and damage claims for warranty processing. Furthermore, our portfolio comprises yield assessments and technical due diligence procedures. Our competence and knowledge is based on more than 10 years of solid experience in this area.

Your added PV value:

  • Savings EPCM – approx. 10% lower costs as a result of direct procurement through the project company without margins on components and subcontractor services
  • Proven – certified PV experts, already over 100 technical due diligence processes and more than 2,000 plant assessments successfully delivered
  • Industry insider – profound market knowledge and contact with a diverse range of subcontractors and suppliers
  • Allrounder – comprehensive expertise regarding engineering, project management and construction surveillance

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