Solaranlagen Schraubenelement

PV systems engineering to reduce operating costs or as an investment

Solar energy is becoming economical again: Decreased acquisition costs and more powerful modules mean that PV systems are once again a worthwhile investment.

Build a PV system now and reap the rewards – interested?

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Your options – a win-win situation either way

Are you the owner of a usable roof or open space? Then we have the following options for you to choose from:

  • Reducing operating costs model:
    Become a PV system operator, generate your own power and feed the surplus into the public power grid. You will therefore be independent from external power providers, while simultaneously enjoying price transparency and cost controls.
  • Investment with attractive profits model:
    Become a PV system operator and feed 100% of your generated power into the public power grid. You will benefit from a constant feed-in tariff over 20 years, as well as tax advantages with the current favourable loan conditions.
  • Lease model:
    Lease out the untapped roof space/ground-mounted system space to an interested party wanting to invest in a solar installation. Not only will we put you in contact with potential investors, but we will also support you step by step during the contractual negotiations. This will allow you to generate an attractive rental income at this period of low interest rates.

Our services:

  • Planning
    PV system construction planning and the creation of an individual offer
  • Installation
    Installation of the system by certified PV experts
  • Services
    Subsequent maintenance on request and additional After-Sales services

Your added PV value:

  • One-stop-shop – from planning to construction, right through to the subsequent service offerings
  • Reliable – independent PV experts for 12 years
  • Practical orientation – customized and solution-focussed handling of the system operator’s requirements and challenges based on many years of experience

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