Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management: PV projects from 750 kWp upwards will be managed from A to Z under the supervision of ADLER Solar


Bremen/DE, November 7, 2017

Contrary to the standard EPC, EPCM is limited to steering the project and construction management – meaning there are no further margins on reselling, components or subcontractor services. In this case, ADLER Solar as experienced PV full service provider acts as the overall project leader while the client is in charge of sourcing required materials as well as subcontractors directly. During this phase, ADLER Solar will consult the client and oversee all rendered third-party services going forward. At the end, our certified PV experts will also accompany the final inspection of the lot plus ensure that your PV system is without fault and corresponds with state of the art technology.

Our EPCM services at a glance:

  • Planning – design planning, yield assessment, coordination with project partners (e.g. network operators), detail planning and definition of service specifications
  • Consulting Contract Management – consultation in re definition of requirements / subcontractor assignment of complementary services, consultation in re purchase agreements for PV components and support with contractual negotiations
  • Project and Construction Surveillance – construction management and quality assurance, overseeing delivery of subcontractors, coordination of commissioning, approval of PV system according to DIN EN 62446


ADLER Solar has established itself as an experienced service provider within the PV industry since 2008 and brings comprehensive expertise concerning Engineering, PV System Construction, Project Management and Construction Surveillance to the table. You as a client on the other hand will have the security of engineering liability for planning services. “A convincing argument for EPCM – and ultimately your ROI – is cost efficiency.
Due to the project enterprise’s direct procurement, the EPC margin on components and subcontractor services is waived, thus you save approx. 10% of the realisation cost of a PV project. Plus – next to substantial market acumen – we can support you with contacts to various subcontractors and suppliers”, adds Gerhard Cunze, Executive Partner at ADLER Solar.

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