The EEG amendment 2017 offers PV plant operators new opportunities when it comes to Repowering – but the industry differs on how to define the term


Bremen, May 29, 2017

Everything ages, adversely affecting performance and PV plants are no exception. Contrary to general perception, efficiency is lost over time depending on their size and technical condition – either by modules degrading or a drop in components’ performance. Repowering simply means restoring a high level of productivity and thus providing a return to stable profitability over the remaining life cycle of the PV plant. The Repowering services offered by ADLER Solar comprise much more than a common PV system repair:

1. Fault analysis and repair of PV modules
2. Consultation / support regarding compliance with responsible distribution system operators
3. Provision of BOS components and restoration measures

Repowering is an effective way to optimise solar parks and thus secure ROI for the remaining life cycle – the added value opposed to a simple repair job:

  • (Partial) Exchange of old plants for new (more powerful) ones
  • (Potential) Expansion of the overall plant on the freed-up space through a new plant according to EEG 2017
  • Optimisation of infrastructure for further performance growth

„The above shows that Repowering is far more than just a repair job or module switch. Additional measures to boost the performance can be implemented at the same time, i.e. better elevation to exploit reflecting incident sunlight or swap of BOS components. Whether a Repowering project is viable depends on several factors – as a rule of thumb though: the higher the shortfall of profits and tariffs, the shorter the remaining life cycle can be. Especially for operators whose PV plants were set up between 2007-2011, retrofitting can be a very rewarding investment. Thus, contact us for a free initial analysis”, says Gerhard Cunze, Executive Partner at ADLER Solar.

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