Quick PV inverter repair minimises loss of income

PV inverters are a central part of solar installations. High solar yields and security of supply for private consumption are only guaranteed if they are working perfectly.

Year-round weather influences and possible component damage impair the functioning of these inverters, and the device electronic systems are designed for an average life cycle of 6 to 10 years. If parts of these power electronics fail, this will mean a concrete loss of income for you.

The experts at ADLER Solar are specialised in the testing of fault causes for all inverter brands as well as in the repair of SMA devices. In the case of more extensive damage, it may also make sense to gain an immediate impression of the inverter condition on site and to take direct measures to minimise loss of income.

Our PV inverter services – Testing:

  • Detection of error patterns and damage causes of all of the manufacturer’s inverters

Our SMA inverter services – Repair:

  • Repair at our Service Centre or on site
  • General overhaul and preventative component exchange following consultation
  • Repair of SMA WebBoxen
  • Logistical handling/packaging material
  • Delivery of spare or replacement devices

Your added PV value:

  • Prevention of income losses – quick testing and repair at our Service Centre
  • Cost reductions – in many cases, repairs are more cost-effective than new purchases
  • Disposal included – we take away your old device
  • Core competence – specialised in SMA inverter repairs
  • Guaranteed – one-year warranty on inverter repair services
  • Tried-and-tested – honed processes that have been finely tuned with insurance companies

We look forward to hearing from you at wechselrichter@adlersolar.de or by phone on
+49 (0)421 83 57 01 00