Press release 02/13/2018

Press release 02/13/2018 ADLER Solar database: Performance levels of crystalline silicon modules versus thin film modules evaluated The data evaluation of testing over 40.000 PV modules between 2008 to 2015 shows that […]

Press release 11/16/2017

Press release 11/16/2017 EPCM: The latest addition to the PV service portfolio of ADLER Solar Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management: PV projects from 750 kWp upwards will be managed from A to […]

Press release 05/29/2017

Press release 05/29/2017: Repowering Measures by ADLER Solar: More than just PV Plant Repair The EEG amendment 2017 offers PV plant operators new opportunities when it comes to Repowering – but the […]