Solaranlagen Schraubenelement

Added value for customers due to over 12 years of solid PV experience

Since April 2008, ADLER Solar has served the German and European PV industry as a full service provider. Over the course of over 12 years, we have processed more than 5 million modules and delivered over 2,000 plant assessments. Plus, during this time our PV experts continually expanded their expertise and acumen and thus stirred up the industry accordingly. 

All of the seven major recall initiatives in total have been facilitated by ADLER Solar for the respective module manufacturers, including a complete project supervision: from project management to client communication to local troubleshooting throughout Europe to logistics as well as testing and repair services at the ADLER Solar Service Centre.


After-Sales GoodWe


Operations & Maintenance

  • Operations & Maintenance – New service packages in the portfolio of ADLER Solar.
  • ADLER Solar celebrates its 10th anniversary.

PV systems engineering

  • PV systems engineering added to service portfolio of ADLER Solar
  • The office in Anzing/Munich moves to Waldkraiburg/Munich.

Inverter services


Founding of pvXchange Trading

  • Founding of pvXchange Trading: ADLER Solar enters into a partnership with pvXchange Trading GmbH – one of the world‘s largest exchange platforms for solar modules, inverters and accessories – together with its founder Martin Schachinger.
  • Founding of joint venture ADLER Solar Works in Yokohama/Japan.
  • ADLER Solar enters into a strategic partnership with the Norwegian company Aqualis ASA.

Opening the branch „BEC Solar“

  • Opening the branch „BEC Solar“ in Anzing/Munich.
  • Crack-age-test developed by ADLER Solar: the crack-age-test as a new testing method for distinguishing older from recent micro cracks in crystalline PV modules – and added value especially for insurances in re claim management.

Electroluminescence imaging

  • Electroluminescence imaging for PV modules quality assurance in installed condition – as one of the pioneers, ADLER Solar successfully performs this service.
  • Expanding the range of logistics services to an in-house bonded warehouse.


  • „Repowering“: ADLER Solar launches services to optimise the performance of PV systems.
  • Initial hosting of the ADLER Solar Insurance Conference, since then a bi-yearly in-house trade event (by invitation only).
  • Service Partner of First Solar: ADLER Solar takes over warranty management and recycling for the US module manufacturer throughout the EMEA region.

First Service Centre

  • Opening of in-house Service Centre in Bremen.
  • For the first time, ADLER Solar carries out local measurements and quality controls with mobile PV testing equipment.


  • Founding of ADLER Solar Services GmbH.