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Providing expert opinions on photovoltaic installations calls for appointment times to be agreed between all the various parties involved (system operator, insurer, installer, dealer/manufacturer, attorney) and demands a great deal of coordination and time from the expert.

Furthermore, so-called damage spikes following strong storms can give rise to extended waiting periods for customers.

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Removal and re-installation

  • In cases where the original installer is no longer available, ADLER Solar offers a reliable alternative. ADLER Solar’s mobile installation teams are at work throughout all of Europe and will collaborate with the customer to find the right approach, regardless of whether it is a free-field installation or on a flat, gabled or saw-tooth roof.[/li_item] [/checklist]

For further information please contact:
Mr. Marco Thesing

Phone +49 421 83 57 01 00

ADLER Solar Mobil R

On-site testing

  • Electroluminescence or thermographic imaging can be done right on the roof. What is more, a characteristic curve measurement can determine the module performance as long as there is a specific minimum irradiation level.
  • Our mobile measuring vehicle is at your service for products which have already been dismantled. Along with electroluminescence images, the performance can also be measured in the vehicle by means of a sunlight simulator.



ADLER Solar Test R

Testing and repair at the service center

  • After lightning damage, diodes are checked and replaced if necessary.
  • Storm damage often calls for the installation to be redesigned to account for local wind load zones.
  • Following animal bites from martens or raccoons, ADLER Solar will replace the cables and plugs professionally – without long waiting periods.

ADLER Solar Test R

Inverter Services

  • Perfectly working inverters form the basis for high solar gains and security of supply. If there is component damage or damage due to external impact, such as a fire or a power surge after a lightning strike, the inverters can be professionally checked and repaired in the ADLER Solar Test and Repair Centre, which is especially equipped for this purpose.
  • Short handling times or the provision of a replacement minimise loss of revenue and thus your financial damage.
  • Here you find an overview of our services.

Support for survey reports

  • ADLER Solar’s certified experts provide you with support as a regional supplement or assistance during damage spikes. This way, our PV experts can offer their customers short waiting periods and the high quality expected.


Purchase of spare modules and components

  • ADLER Solar can provide you with spare modules and components from its own stock. With the aid of the long experience of our cooperation partner pvXchange, we can advise you on the purchase of matching components or substitute products and take care of the transport to the system location.

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