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Solutions for plant managers

Do you specialize in professional supervision of PV plants? Would you like to offer your clients the best possible service to secure their investments both technically and legally and to guarantee the expected profits during the entire life of the plant?

We can offer you the necessary support in maintenance, inspection and upkeep, as well as warranty and claims management, to supplement your supervision services so that you can provide your clients with uniform quality. We will be glad to provide you with consulting so you can find the right solution for your plant portfolio.

We offer you the following services both individually or as a complete package:

Maintenance and inspection

Technical managers of a PV plant are subject to an obligation to provide consultancy and notification to the client (plant operator) in respect of all technical and safety-related issues, as well as the legal regulations (for example, VDE standards, the Employers‘ Liability Insurance Associations and Trade Supervisory Boards) and all insurance-related and manufacturers‘ specifications.

Accordingly, they are obligated to ensure the proper (legally compliant) technical condition and thus above all the electrical safety of the PV power plant, and to notify the plant operator of faults without delay and make recommendations for action to be taken to the extent that initiating such countermeasures is not already part of the contract.

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  • ADLER Solar will carry out maintenance and inspection for you on plants in accordance with the effective standards and as desired by clients, and will advise you concerning a maintenance concept tailored to your individual needs.
  • Our clients receive from our qualified staff professional documentation and any suggestions for improvement or action to be taken.
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Contact our Chief Sales Officer!

We will give you support in preparing and implementing a maintenance concept to suit your plant portfolio!

Contact our Chief Sales Officer!

Repair and maintenance

  • Carrying out corrective maintenance work and preventive action to ensure the safety and performance of the plant.
  • ADLER Solar offers fault detection and a comprehensive error analysis.
  • Carrying out repairs.
  • Replacing modules and/or components, as well as procuring spare parts, including transport logistics, are also part of the ADLER Solar portfolio.

Inverter Services

  • Perfectly working inverters form the basis for high solar gains and security of supply. If there is component damage or damage due to external impact, such as a fire or a power surge after a lightning strike, the inverters can be professionally checked and repaired in the ADLER Solar Test and Repair Centre, which is especially equipped for this purpose.
  • Short handling times or the provision of a replacement minimise loss of revenue and thus your financial damage.
  • Here you find an overview of our services.

Warranty and claims management

  • ADLER Solar carries out the technical and/or objective examination of warranty and insurance claims and provides consultancy on the respective processes concerning the requirements of manufacturers or insurers.
  • Preparation of damage appraisal reports by our certified staff.
  • We will take over the administrative interface function to manufacturers or insurance companies.
  • We will take over preparing and compiling all necessary documents in accordance with the requirements.
  • Dismantling and reassembly, packing and transport handling.

Test and measurements at the site

  • Our service teams offer flash test, electroluminescence and thermographic imaging as well as characteristic measurements with our „mobile PV test centre of MBJ Services GmbH“ measuring equipment.
  • Each of the mobile PV test centres combines a long-pulse LED sun simulator, a high-resolution electroluminescence system and a thermographic camera.
  • A very detailed report is automatically created for the evaluation, summarizing all results in an easy to understand manner.
  • The measuring data are filed in a database.

Plant documentation

  • We prepare as-built documentations in accordance with VDE EN 0126-23, which are conditions for inspection in accordance with DGUV 3.

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