Solutions for insurers

The insurers are able to offer the customers attractive conditions and premiums only by effective damage management and cost control. ADLER Solar offers a wide range of services for insurers from first evaluation to damage regulation.

You are an insurance company and one of the photovoltaic systems insured by you experiences damage, e.g. due to snow pressure, overvoltage or perhaps due to a material failure. You need a reliable partner who rapidly and professionally detects the damage extent and the repair costs needed, providing a report for the findings. We are your partner.

ADLER Solar supports you with our long experience and the know-how for individual solutions: from damage detection to preparation of a report.

For further information please contact:
Mr. Marco Thesing

Phone +49 421 83 57 01 00

Benefit from our experience

Test and measures

  • Electroluminescence test to identify micro cracks.
  • NEW! The crack-age-test enables not only micro-cracks to be identified in general, but also new cracks to be distinguished from older ones whose origin can no longer be clearly determined. Thus a case of damage can be better assessed.

Inspection on-site

  • After registration of damage cases, we take over, if needed, the complete communication between the policy holder, installer, insurer and other parties involved.
  • After receipt of your damage case we contact the Policyholder on the same day, e.g. in order to make an on-site appointment without losing time and give you continuous proactive feedback proactively.
  • Thanks to optimized processes our customers can focus on the main tasks at hand.
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Inverter Services

  • Perfectly working inverters form the basis for high solar gains and security of supply. If there is component damage or damage due to external impact, such as a fire or a power surge after a lightning strike, the inverters can be professionally checked and repaired in the ADLER Solar Test and Repair Centre, which is especially equipped for this purpose.
  • Short handling times or the provision of a replacement minimise loss of revenue and thus your financial damage.
  • Here you find an overview of our services.
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Expert report

  • Our reports are designed especially for damage cases on photovoltaic systems.
  • All relevant data is presented in a clear resume providing you with quick guidance.
  • ADLER Solar photovoltaic experts have years of experience and have already prepared hundreds of reports.
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Purchase of spare modules and components

  • In the event of damage a fast and economically reasonable purchase of spare parts is needed. ADLER Solar can provide you with spare modules and components from its own stock.
  • With the aid of the long experience of our cooperation partner pvXchange, we can advise you on the purchase of matching components or substitute products with the same visual and technical specifications.
  • You receive an individual offer, if required including the transport to the PV System location so that the spare part can be installed quickly.
  • If required, we can build up your own stock of modules and components which you can easily access in the event of damage.
  • ADLER Solar offers insurance companies the possibility to sell used, fully operational modules and spare parts of insurance cases that are not required (anymore) on the secondary market. Alternatively, we take care of the proper disposal of defective modules.
  • All relevant data is presented in a clear resume providing you with quick guidance.
  • ADLER Solar photovoltaic experts have years of experience and have already prepared hundreds of reports.
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Plausibility check

    • We check the existing cost estimation to repair damage for plausibility and market price.
    • If needed, we can issue a counter offer.
    • You profit from our wide ranged network in the solar industry as well as on our modern and cost effective test and repair capabilities.

Damage data bank

      • With the ADLER Solar damage data bank you will be able to keep an overview in case of damage peaks.
      • The current status of all damage cases can be recalled at any time.
      • In this way the management is transparent and the evaluation allows a prompt estimation.

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