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The market for new photovoltaic installations in Germany has distinctly changed in recent years. Two figures strikingly confirm this development. In December 2012, more than 62,000 PV systems were installed. The average system capacity at that time was approx. 49 kWP per installation.

In December 2013, 6940 new photovoltaic systems were installed with an average capacity of approx. 24 kWP. What is more, the end customers are better informed and expect extensive consultancy. Demands on quality and services have also grown.

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Consulting service during construction and acceptance reports

  • Upon request, ADLER Solar can offer project developers professional consultancy service during construction and acceptance reports from independent specialists.

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Service as key competency

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  • ADLER Solar provides support for installers and project developers with modular services offer in order to strengthen the trust their customers place in them. From module replacement to green waste, we offer you the option of individual services or a complete package.
  • If a customer complains, which can happen for many reasons, ADLER Solar is perfectly familiar with the entire supply chain, as it serves as an interface between manufacturers, wholesalers, insurance companies and system operators.
  • NEW! The crack age test enables not only micro cracks to be identified in general, but also new cracks to be distinguished from older ones whose origin can no longer be clearly determined. Thus a case of damage can be better assessed.
  • In the event of insured losses, ADLER Solar can provide support for the customers of installers and project developers with certified PV experts and testing on site or at our service center.
  • If a product is found to be defective, testing done right on the roof or at the ADLER service center can provide more certainty.
  • ADLER Solar can provide you with spare modules and components from its own stock. With the aid of the long experience of our cooperation partner pvXchange, we can advise you on the purchase of matching components or substitute products and take care of the transport to the system location.
  • Perfectly working inverters form the basis for high solar gains and security of supply. If there is component damage or damage due to external impact, such as a fire or a power surge after a lightning strike, the inverters can be professionally checked and repaired in the ADLER Solar Test and Repair Centre, which is especially equipped for this purpose. Here you find an overview of our services.

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