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Some problems that arise during the operation of a photovoltaic plant are easy to solve, while others can compromise its operation or even safety. The reason for a sudden, unexpected drop in yield can often only be determined by a professional assessment. Depending on the nature of the plant, professional knowledge and special measuring equipment are often needed to identify faulty joints, damaged modules or insufficient insulation. On new systems it can also be important to you to know the condition of your plant before commissioning.

Comparing the power plant’s planning and documentation to its current condition, properly installing all components and, not least, technical and structural safety are important points on every checklist. A reliable professional evaluation can also expedite the settlement of a claim following a case of storm damage, thus avoiding unnecessary trouble and expense. And if your photovoltaic plant is older and you would like to optimize the yield, we have experts who will find the right solution for your requirement.

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Along with convincing quality, customer relationships can also be strengthened by means of a transparent logistics chain and comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service.

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We offer you a wide range of services for insurers from first evaluation to damage regulation and support you with our long experience and the know-how for individual solutions.

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We offer a professional check so that investments are protected and the expected yield can be ensured for the entire service life of the installation.

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Providing expert opinions on photovoltaic installations calls for appointment times to be agreed between various parties involved and demands a great deal of coordination and time.

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We help you to discover the risks of an investment in a photovoltaic installation and to process them transparently for your risk management.

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We support you in meeting end customers‘ expectations of quality and service. We are your partner.

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We help you to enhance customer loyalty with reliable quality and top level service.

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Through professional project development, planning and construction supervision we provide a high quality and productivity for your projects.