Slider test&repair vor Ort

Testing and repair on site

Thanks to the high-quality equipment in our mobile PV Test Centre, we can offer our clients even better, faster and more effective testing right at the plant’s site. And thanks to our time-tested service quality, you can rely on our informative results at any time. Along with quality control at the plant or construction site, our mobile PV Test Centres are often in use for incoming goods inspections at ports such as Southampton, Rotterdam, Antwerp or Hamburg. Our incoming goods inspections at the installation site are conducted in close consultation with EPC, manufacturers and other parties involved, thereby incorporating them efficiently in the delivery and installation process. Delays can be avoided and deadlines met for planned commissioning.

  • ADLER Solar has three mobile PV test centres from MBJ, enabling our service teams to offer performance measurements, electroluminescence and thermographic imaging, as well as characteristic measurements.
  • Each mobile PV test centre combines a long-pulse LED sun simulator, a high-resolution electroluminescence system and a thermal imaging camera.
  • A report is automatically created for evaluation, summarizing all results in an easy to understand manner.

Because ADLER Solar is set up regionally in northern and southern Germany, you can make an appointment at short notice any time. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Does your Photovoltaic-Module require repair?

ADLER Solar offers you a complete solution in order to re-establish the performance of your plant as soon as possible.

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