Test&repair ServiceCenter

Testing and repair at the Service Centre in Bremen

In our own service centre in Bremen qualified employees conduct quality and performance testing on solar modules and components with the most modern inspection technologies and also carry out repairs if necessary. These include, for example:
  • Infrared imaging, for example, to detect hotspots
  • Resistance measurement, for example, to identify insulation faults
  • Performance measurement, for example, to check the performance values
  • Electroluminescence imaging, for example, to identify microcracks
  • Visual inspection using the ADLER Solar error catalog, for example, to assess the frames, cables and plugs
  • Cleaning modules (in one of our four cleaning stations)



Do you need repair services for your PV modules?

ADLER Solar offers you a complete solution in order to re-establish the performance of your plant as soon as possible.

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