Do you need to have your PV modules repaired?


If your modules have been damaged by such things as snow pressure, overvoltage, animal bites or material defects, you need a competent partner to check whether your modules can be fixed at short notice.

In this case, we offer to repair your sockets, frames, bypass diodes or the backs of the modules, and repair or replace your plugs.

Profit from our experience:

ADLER Solar is the leading PV service provider and an expert on repair solutions. In recent years, we have worked on more than four million photovoltaic modules, whether thin film, mono- or polycrystalline modules, or other components. We will find flaws and weak spots and remedy them. We collaborate as partners with the manufacturers of the modules in applying and further developing our repair procedures.

We would like to make you a complete offer at short notice. To do so, we need some information from you. Photos would greatly help us get a clearer idea of the problem. Please use our repair form:

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Following repair possibilities should be offered:

Bypass-Diode replacement Connector repair Connector replacement Back side repair
Juction box repair Cable replacement Frame repair

Following tests should be offered:

Power measurement by flash testing (Flash-Test) PV module cleaning Wet leakage insulation test (ISO-Test)
Electroluminescence test (EL-Test) Thermographic imaging (IR-Test)

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