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Testing solar modules and components is an important step in ensuring quality and yield, as well as the basis for repair or for the damage appraisal. Along with quality and performance tests with the most modern testing technologies, maintenance of solar modules and components is one of our core competences.

Since its founding, ADLER Solar has inspected more than four million modules. Whether thin-film, monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar modules or other components, we will find and remedy any faults or weak spots. In the process, our employees not only rely on visual inspection, but also make use of the most modern testing technologies and analysis methods, such as infrared imaging, resistance measurements, performance measurements and electroluminescence imaging. Of course, all results are appropriately documented and can be traced for every single module and component.

Now there are three approaches to test or repair modules and components: at the Service Center in Bremen, on site or in installed condition.

Testen und Reparieren_Solarfabrik_333x279mit Stoerer ENADLER Solar offers you a complete solution in order to re-establish the performance of your plant as soon as possible.
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At our own service center qualified employees conduct quality and performance testing on solar modules and components

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Thanks to the high-quality equipment in our mobile PV Test Center, we can offer our clients even better, faster and more effective testing right at the plant’s site.


Depending on the problem, certain tests are needed in installed condition in order to determine the extent of external damage or product defect.