Logistik & Warehousing

With our own logistics centre and a well-rehearsed team you will find a complete logistic service chain which can meet any demand. Whether it is a just-in-time delivery of new photovoltaic components or waste disposal and recycling logistics, warehousing, barcode issue or consignment works: we offer quality guarantee, punctuality and reliability – under one umbrella.

  • Logistics management with schedule management, warehouse and transport management
  • Warehousing of components and parts in own logistics centre
  • Consignment and packaging
  • National and international delivery with goods tracking

ADLER Solar opens a bonded warehouse thus extending its range of services

ADLER Solar, the service specialist for solar industry, has opened an external warehouse placed in Bremen offering to internationally acting solar companies a 4000 m² big bonded warehouse as a further product in its service product range in addition to the previous technical and logistics service. This enables ADLER Solar to offer a complete spectrum of services under one umbrella. The bonded warehouse and certain custom procedures offer economic advantages to the international goods traffic that could not be used before. These procedures offer the possibility to improve the liquidity of the importing companies by postponing or avoiding of import taxes. In transit cases within the EU they allow to maintain the preferential origin – and thereby custom advantages – for a third party country. In case of import and export of solar modules and components there are a number of different custom regulations, security regulations and ticketing obligation to fulfil. These tasks and criteria are achieved by the new ADLER Solar warehouse. By combination of bonded warehouse with the logistics and service centres ADLER Solar offers the customers the possibility to carry out the goods inward test and repair the problem quickly.

The direct way is the quickes

Transport and warehousing are cost factors that can be decreased substantially by professional logistics managements. Our logisticians have therefore developed individual concepts in order to manage the commodity flow, the transport and warehousing as well as all further service tasks most efficiently and on time. These are delivery strategies, product logistics, disposition concepts and just-in-time management. The management of more than three million modules in the last five years shows our logistics potential.
The solar business is already limitless. Solar installations are built everywhere where solar energy can be used efficiently. Modules and components are being moved internationally as never before. Our logisticians dispose of international experience, foreign languages and knowledge of national customs and security regulations in different countries. They ensure that your components are labelled in accordance with the regulations and arrive at the said destination on time and in perfect condition.
Our logistics centre is one of the supporting pillars of our service portfolio. It enables us to manage the processes and projects more efficiently, flexibly and with guaranteed quality standards. From the hall to the shelves – everything in detail is build and constructed for the specific demands of the solar industry. The logistics centre offers place for the simultaneous warehousing and flexible consignment of more than 50.000 photovoltaic modules. The logistics area allows strongly automated and thus highly efficient process flows. This modern infrastructure managed by a team of experts turns us to a flexible outsourcing partner for manufacturers and wholesalers.
Works arising before shipment are further part of our service spectrum: the packaging of the components, e.g. labelling or updating consignment in connection with repacking, labelling and barcode issuing as well as packaging for shipment. Our shipment department ensures delivery of your components on time and in good conditions. In Germany, in Europe and worldwide.


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