Survey Reports

An important part of „ADLER Solar – Complete Service“ is an independent and targeted examination of a photovoltaic installation to prevent, find and evaluate defects and/or damages, and to issue recommendations for repair, if necessary. To meet these requirements across Germany, ADLER Solar employs experienced, certified photovoltaic experts, who have already prepared hundreds of expert reports.
Some of the expert opinions prepared by our photovoltaic experts include: damage investigations, performance assessments and plant inspections:

Our damage investigations are prepared after hail, fire or storm damage, for example. They determine the cause of the damage, as well as its extent and the repair measures required as a result, and distinguish between defective installations and/or components and external impacts on the photovoltaic installation. The focus of the examination here depends on the usage or the customer. Damage investigations are often commissioned by insurance companies.
Operators of a photovoltaic installation make an investment and expect an optimal yield in energy and profit. There are cases, however, in which yield expectations are unfortunately not fulfilled. ADLER Solar compares the current performance and weather data of the customer’s photovoltaic installation to the forecast and actually measured yield data. Here ADLER Solar uses the data of our independent PR monitoring stations, which are positioned directly at your system, and weather data from well-known meteorological services. Based on the results, we suggest solutions that enable you to avoid losses. Finally, a record is kept of whether the plant achieves the target yield while taking into account the actual irradiation values or whether the yield deviates from the target.
In recent years, around thirty percent of all large-scale installations accepted by TÜV Rheinland exhibited grave defects. This leads to uncertainty and questions arise as to whether all basic conditions have been taken properly into account in planning the installation or if an installation complies with legal, technical and economic requirements. ADLER Solar offers a professional assessment so that investments are protected and the expected yield can be ensured for the entire service life of the installation. Our experts assess photovoltaic installations from modules to inverters, and, for example, examine modules for micro-cracks at the cell level. Such defects would be missed with a purely visual inspection without measuring equipment (electroluminescence). The quality of the module installation, cable run and inverter installation are of particular concern here. We visually inspect and assess individual components in line with established standards and supplement the data recorded in a thorough documentation with exemplary measurements of essential electrical parameters. By the same token, we check that the planning and documentation components are correct and complete, and check the adherence to standards and laws. Here ADLER Solar also offers „reverse engineering“, where the installer’s facility documentation, which until now was insufficient, is entirely „brought up to date“ retrospectively by our experts. In addition, ADLER Solar offers expert support during the building phase in order to ensure that the installation meets the target condition and is free of defects, and provides external monitoring of the construction periods.