Service excellence is our business

ADLER Solar is the leading service provider for solar services in Germany. Our staff consist of about 120 experienced experts representing a wide range of professional skills and qualifications. Thus, we are able to take on any task during the installation, operation and dismanteling of a solar system. Furthermore, our engineering department has been providing an extensive portfolio of specialised engineering services since 2011.

Our individual Service-Design for your company’s success

ADLER Solar offers a comprehensive set of modular services that include test, repair, logistics, spare parts management and customised after-sales services. In order to meet your requirements, we develop individual process chains and solutions that match your specific needs perfectly. We call this Service-Design. By choosing our approach you will be able to avoid large investments in infrastructure, equipment and human resources and pay only for services as and when required. In this way, you lower your capital investment incre your business flexibility and reduce your fix costs.

Testing & repairfür Testen Reparieren

Quality and performance checks by most modern test technologies as well as recondition of solar modules and components are our main competence.

Expert opinionfür Gutachten

A selection of expert reports made by our photovoltaic experts are: damage report, performance report or PV plant check.

Logistics & warehousingfür logistik

With our own logistics centre and a well-rehearsed team you will find a complete logistic service chain which can meet any demand.

After-Sales-Services für after sales

ADLER Solar manages the whole process chain and defines the interface in accordance with the individual customer requirements.

Spare partsAdler Solar in Bremen.

As a full-service provider we would like to advise you regarding the purchase of the matching modules or substitute products.

Inverter services

Perfectly working inverters form the basis for high solar gains and security of supply. We professionally check and repair inverters on site or in our Test and Repair Centre.


for analysisRegular checks are necessary for your photovoltaic power plant to function optimally and to protect against performance failures. Therefore, our employees get a precise idea of the condition of your plant right at the site in order to make detailed statements about it.