Repowering for significant revenue growth:

Faster Return-on-Investment and higher income secured in the long-term

Investments in the operation of PV plants are investments in the dynamically growing market for renewable energies and thus a decision designed to ensure sustained business success. A requirement for this is that all performance parameters for yield formation remain stable. To this end, ADLER Solar provides you with an attractive fulfilment service for maintaining the functionality of your PV plants.

In much the same way that every biological organism ages and every mechanical construction wears out, PV plants lose out in efficiency over time depending on their size and technical condition – either by modules degrading or a drop in components’ performance.

ADLER Solar carried out a performance analysis on our behalf to determine the delta between the ACTUAL and original output current for our PV plant. As a customer, we benefited primarily from the long-standing expertise of ADLER Solar as a full service provider, and, secondly, the entire process was managed efficiently from one single source. The skilled and timely execution of the repowering project resulted in a significant optimisation of performance and thus an increase in our ROI.
Armin Stahl, Stillger&Stahl Vermögensverwaltung (investor in renewable energy with a portfolio greater than € 300 million)

The knowledge gained from many years of experience in delivering a full service for PV plants has enabled ADLER Solar to develop solutions to halt this performance drop and return your plants to the original rating. We call restoring performance by applying repair and maintenance processes at a technical and commercial level Repowering.

Repowering simply means restoring a high level of productivity and thus providing a return to stable profitability over the remaining term of your investment.

In a nutshell, Repowering meets the following objectives:

  • Protection of your investment
  • Yield increase through optimisation
  • Reaching a faster Return-on-Investment
  • Sale / utilisation of PV plant
Full service offer for restoring the original capacity and performance of the PV plant:

  • Detailed inventory of the PV plant with technical review, output analysis, documentation and measures evaluation
  • Development of an individual planning specification with recommendations for action and profitability analysis, draft technical renovation concept with project schedule
  • Quotation and verification of the individual financing options
  • Project implementation, including the disposal of old modules and dealing with guarantee and warranty claims
  • Test run with monitoring, documentation and handover according to the ADLER Solar Approved Quality Standard
For our customers, our services mean an upturn in liquidity and entrepreneurial flexibility.

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