Together with the Japanese company “Solar Works”, a subsidiary of the PV general contractor (EPC) Yokohama Kankyo Design Co., Ltd. (YKD), ADLER Solar Services GmbH founded the joint venture “ADLER Solar Works”. In April Gerhard Cunze, Executive Partner of ADLER Solar, and Masaki Ikeda, CEO of YKD, signed the contracts of thebusiness alliance in Yokohama, the company headquarters. The on May 15. 2015 founded company ADLER Solar Works provides specialized services for the Japanese market. The new company focuses on after-sales services, O&M services as well as on the field of expert reports/ technical due diligence. “Within the last years we have been able to gain a wide range of experience in these areas and to deepen constantly our expert knowledge. With ADLER Solar Works we aim at successfully making use of our expertise on the Japanese market”, Gerhard Cunze outlines the goals of the joint venture. Masaki Ikeda is also pleased that the business alliance is ready to start: “The talks, preparations and plans beforehand went more than well so that the envisaged date of signing the contract was shortly preponed. Thus, we are even now all set to provide the Japanese PV sector with our services as a competent full service provider.” With the joint venture ADLER Solar, the leading service provider for the solar sector in Europe, becomes active on the Asian market for the first time. Within Europe, ADLER Solar has accomplished numerous projects with an overall volume of more than 1GW. In Germany and throughout Europe there are more than 120 employees working for ADLER Solar. The first official appearance of ADLER Solar Works will take place at the exhibition “Intersolar Europe” in Munich from June 10th – 12th. Here the new company will be present as sub-exhibitor at the ADLER Solar booth. After having founded ADLER Solar Works in April this year, the service provider based in Yokohama, Japan, has started its operational business on July 1st, 2015. The beginning of ADLER Solar Works can be considered quite positive: the company has already received its first orders. The full-service provider for the PV sector was commissioned to run the O&M (operation & maintenance) service for 11 PV plants with an installed capacity of 9 MWp, beginning on July 1st, 2015. In addition to that, ADLER Solar Works is responsible for the O&M services for five further plants (total installed capacity: 4,35 MWp). The realization of this project will presumably start in the third quarter of 2015. A third commission comprises O&M services for one PV plant with an installed capacity of 1,8 MWp. It is in July that ADLER Solar Works will start realizing this project. Manabu Oyama and Gerald Wotruba, Representative Directors of ADLER Solar Works, are pleased about the successful start of the joint venture in Japan: “Our office in Yokohama has been opened, the website is online and our team ready for action. We are happy to directly start realizing the first projects and to actively support the Japanese solar market with our various specialized services”, explains Wotruba. The international team of ADLER Solar Works possesses excellent expert knowledge and many years of experience in the various service fields for the PV market. Oyama outlines: “With this concentrated know-how we can offer best quality to our clients: be it within our O&M services, incoming inspections via our mobile PV test centers, technical due diligence procedures or within our acceptance tests.”

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