Programme kicks off with long-term sponsorship of the „Campus Prize“ awarded by the KELLNER & STOLL Foundation in Bremen

Bremen, August 30, 2016
The new ADLER Solar Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme aims to bring the idea of sustainability – an integral element of its company philosophy – to life, turning it into an accessible and tangible concept. Furthermore, ADLER Solar wants to contribute in general to the society we live in.

It was with these objectives in mind that ADLER Solar decided to commit to a new CSR cause:

  • ADLER Solar is now a long-term sponsor of the annual „Campus Prize: Research for a sustainable future“ awarded by the KELLNER & STOLL Foundation for Climate and Environment. The charitable foundation is committed to sustainable development, working to stimulate education, science and development while simultaneously highlighting the importance of protecting our environment, climate and resources in each of these fields. The Campus Prize – an award devised by the KELLNER & STOLL Foundation together with the University of Bremen and the Bremen Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Ecology – is presented to exceptional emerging scientists planning research that will contribute to the sustainable use of resources, and help to protect the environment, climate and oceans.

Dr Rita Kellner-Stoll and Reiner Stoll from the foundation explain: „Sustainable development not only requires the expertise that we, as a foundation, help to nurture, but also coordinated local efforts on the ground. The fact that ADLER Solar is supporting the Campus Prize through its sponsorship is an excellent example of both of these prerequisites in action“.

„At ADLER Solar, we want to shape a sustainable future and help to protect our environment as well as climate – and that can only be achieved by starting with ourselves, based on the principle of ‚think global, act local‘. Our PV-service portfolio makes an important contribution to the increasing share of society’s energy supply that is now being generated from renewable resources, specifically solar energy. So it was a logical next step for us to take our CSR programme in this direction too“, adds Gerhard Cunze, Executive Partner of ADLER Solar.

About ADLER Solar
ADLER Solar is the leading full-service provider for the solar industry. We deliver a broad spectrum of technical solutions and services that guarantee a high performance level and smooth running of a photovoltaic plant throughout its entire life-cycle. As independent PV experts with headquarters in Bremen and a location in Anzing near Munich, as well as an office in London, we support manufacturers, operators, installers, technical advisers, insurance companies and banks with our “Made in Germany” expertise. Our service portfolio includes after-sales services, survey reports, technical due diligence, planning, recalls, fault diagnosis and analysis, claim management, procurement of spare parts and O&M support.
ADLER Solar has 120 employees in Germany, Europe and Japan. Since 2015, ADLER Solar has been operating in Japan as part of a joint venture with YKD, ADLER Solar Works. In the same year, the Norwegian company Aqualis ASA and ADLER Solar Services GmbH entered into a strategic partnership.

For further information, please contact:
Bettina Duske
+49 421 – 83 57 01 00

For further information about the Campus Prize, please contact:
Dr Rita Kellner-Stoll und Reiner Stoll
0421 – 23 05 69

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