Companies pleased with two-year partnership

Bremen, 20 October 2016 ADLER Solar and viamon, a provider of innovative security technology for PV installations, entered into a strategic partnership in October 2014. After two years, both companies are pleased with the cooperation and have resolved for it to continue.

ADLER Solar and viamon have jointly implemented a total of 14 projects in the past 24 months. These projects ensured that over 2,600 PV modules were fitted or retrofitted with intelligent, electronic theft protection by the security professionals from Kaiserslautern. The successful cooperation by both partners enabled a total output of almost 200 MWp to be secured. Their teams are jointly deployed across Europe. The retrofits were performed on PV installations on-site as well as in the ADLER Solar Service Centres.

The cooperation is generally structured as follows: while viamon, the developer of the world’s first GPS-based theft protection for PV installations, consults with customers on security matters and quickly prepares a customised concept, ADLER Solar then implements the necessary measures. The PV experts from Bremen retrofit PV modules with the viamon theft protection hardware and are also responsible for incoming and outgoing inspections, including performance tests. In addition, the PV service provider takes over the entire transport logistics. The companies also offer the original fitting of the GPS theft protection: modules without a junction box are fitted with one, including the viamon security solution. The complete solution on offer is not just technically impressive, it is also extremely cost effective.

Gerhard Cunze, Executive Partner of ADLER Solar, explains: “Together, we have been able to constantly optimise the processes during the past two years so that fully fitted PV modules, including all the electronic components and after performing additional quality assurance measures, now leave the ADLER Solar Service Centre for the precise installation of the modules on the PV installation.”

viamon Managing Director Oliver Strecke adds: “The optimal integration of the services and the precise implementation as well as the reliability of ADLER Solar means that we are able to offer our customers an all-inclusive package, which includes all the services that are required for permanent theft protection. Customer satisfaction shows: our partnership concept works. More joint projects are planned, as well as the expansion of the security measures to inverters.”

For further information, please contact:
Bettina Duske
+49 421 – 83 57 01 00

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