Stillger & Stahl commissioned ADLER Solar to prevent performance deltas experienced by two ground-mounted photovoltaic systems – and the result is a significant increase in performance

Bremen, February 16, 2017 Increasingly frequent performance deltas despite regular scheduled maintenance as a result of increased module degradation and wear and tear to the BOS components resulting in increased error frequency lead to one particular issue for operators of older photovoltaic systems: Financial loss. Repowering measures guarantee that a high level of productivity is being restored and therefore a stable economic efficiency for the remaining life cycle of the photovoltaic system.

In cooperation with the investment management company Stillger & Stahl, ADLER Solar has now successfully completed two large projects involving performance optimisation in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with a total volume of 5.3 MWp.

A performance analysis was initially carried out in order to identify the potential for optimisation. Following this, the repowering process included a targeted performance check at module level, adaptation of the system design to the new module type as well as replacing the modules and customising the BOS components on site. As an additional service for one of these projects, all 30,000 modules in the plant were subjected to a STC performance check in order to gain a more detailed insight into the fault profile and the statistical fault distribution.

“As a customer, we drew benefit from ADLER Solar’s many years of expertise. Not only this, the whole process was managed efficiently as a one-stop-shop. The competent and rapid implementation of the repowering project led to a significant increase in performance averaging 21% and therefore an increase to our ROI”, summarised Armin Stahl, Managing Director at Stillger & Stahl Vermögensverwaltung.

“As an independent expert in photovoltaic systems, we offer a wide spectrum of technical solutions and services which are “Made in Germany”. In terms of repowering measures, this extends from fault analysis through to the process of providing evidence to distribution network operators. It also extends to coordination tasks with the Federal Network Agency through to implementation of the work on site. As the practical case study for our customer Stillger & Stahl clearly shows, professional repowering leads to an increase in profit through optimisation, securing investments and quicker return on investment”, added Gerhard Cunze, Executive Partner at ADLER Solar.

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