In the specially equipped ADLER Solar Service Centre, inverters are tested for their efficiency and repaired – this takes place during the winter months in which only 10% of the yield is generated

Bremen, 9 November 2016
Inverters are a key element of every PV system and are no longer simple current transducers and voltage transformers. They are actually rather complex data or energy interfaces in the context of the Smart Home with monitoring, control and storage functions. Faultlessly running inverters form the basis for a high solar yield and reliable supply safety. Inverters are exposed to climatic conditions and potential component damage caused by fire, surge voltage or rodents all year round. What’s more, device electronics are designed for an average service life of 6 – 10 years, after which parts of the power electronics may fail and the solar energy can no longer be fed.

Make the most of the low-yield winter season to have your defective inverters expertly repaired, ensuring that your devices run perfectly again in the coming spring and summer and that your solar yield is in safe hands. The complete offer from a single source at the ADLER Solar Service Centre comprises:

  • Functional testing
  • Fault diagnosis / cause analysis
  • Repairs
  • Refurbishing (replacement of performance-related components) / general overhaul
  • Transport service and provision of packaging materials

„In the winter months from November to February, only approx. 10% of the total annual yield is generated due to low solar radiation. Take advantage of this period to repair or refurbish your inverters, in order to avoid a significant loss of revenue in the summer months. As a sample calculation for a summer month in northern Germany: for a 15 kW device installed in 2009, in a defective inverter this means a daily yield deficiency of 15 kW * 43.01 cent * 8 = € 51.61″, explains Gerhard Cunze, Executive Partner of ADLER Solar.

For further information, please contact:
Bettina Duske
+49 421 – 83 57 01 00

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