After the conclusion of the second fiscal year of ADLER Solar Works, Representative Director Gerald Wotruba left the company as intended the end of May

Bremen, June 1st, 2017
Founded in April 2015, ADLER Solar Works is a joint venture between the Japanese firm “Solar Works” – a subsidiary of PV general contractor (EPC) Yokohama Kankyo Design Co., Ltd. (YKD) – and ADLER Solar Services GmbH, based in Germany. From the very beginning, Gerald Wotruba as Representative Director substantially contributed to the successful set-up of this joint venture. Milestones of the past two years comprise:

  • Established O&M services for a continually growing portfolio (to date 70 MW / 80 projects)
  • Established and commissioned services in the area of quality management „Made in Germany“ and adapted them to the Japanese market:
    – Technical Due Diligence for banks and investors
    – PV plant certification for investors and funds
    – Concepts for PV system optimisation and Repowering for operators as well as investors
  • Built a customised training centre with a specifically assembled PV plant as part of the Renewable-Energy-Solutions-Programme of Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena)

„My task to position this joint venture successfully at the Japanese market has been accomplished within these two years. It was an extremely interesting time – at times even pioneer work – since the Japanese PV market is still relatively young in comparison to the German one, especially when it comes to large scale plants. As projected, both partners could benefit from the mutual knowledge transfer as well as utilising their respective networks. Upon my return to Germany, I will take on a new challenge at ADLER Solar but continue to act as a consultant for the joint venture. My tasks will then be assumed by the designated YKD Representative Director Noriko Hirano and the ASW team“, says Gerald Wotruba, Representative Director ADLER Solar Works.

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Bettina Duske
Senior Manager Marketing Communications
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