This year, we’ve made a conscious decision not to send Christmas cards and calendars to our clients and business partners. Instead, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility-Engagement for the Campus Prize of the KELLNER-STOLL Foundation for Climate and Environment in Bremen, we make a donation to a dedicated project of theirs, namely the Deutschlandstipendium.
With this initiative we underscore the concept of sustainability – an integral element of our own company philosophy – and pay a social tribute in general to the society we live in.
This scholarship comprises a 300 Euro grant each month for at least a year for students majoring in biology or environmental sciences. The financial means are provided by the Ministry for Education and Research (50%) and private respectively institutional sponsors as well as corporations (50%).

In this spirit, we wish you Happy Holidays and a relaxed end of the year period!


Forum Solarpraxis 2016: Focus on US-elections and comprehensive PV-industry topics

Last month, the Forum Solarpraxis took place under the motto „17th Forum New World of Energy 2016“ in Berlin. As in previous years, ADLER Solar supported the leading B2B solar industry trade conference in Germany as a gold sponsor.
A hot topic were the results of the US elections the day before with many attendees and delegates wondering whether renewable energies will still be on the political agenda under president Trump in the near future?

Closer to home, it was mainly overall themes such as net integration, digitalisation of processes, blockchain, a consolidation of players as well as repowering which shaped this year’s industry event. Repowering is actually a service that has been offered in its individual components by ADLER Solar since 2012. With our long-standing experience and know-how “Made in Germany” as a full service provider, we develop solutions to halt the performance drop of PV plants and return them to the original rating.


ADLER Solar symposium for insurances well received again

versicherungstagDuring the month of November, two specialised events for insurance representatives took place on the ADLER Solar premises in Bremen: one was organised exclusively for 25 delegates of a single insurance company; the second saw 30 attendees from insurance groups all over Germany. The agenda featured a plethora of relevant, PV-industry related topics and best practise examples. Both meetings were concluded by a visit to the ADLER Solar Service Centre.

The event – held for the 9th time by now – has become an established and popular platform to exchange latest news and industry trends as well as to provide an informal networking opportunity among peers. Key topics of the symposium included claim management, maintenance measures and performance optimisation of PV plants. Expert lectures by industry lawyer Andreas Kleefisch and the team of viamon GmbH – our partner for smart theft protection systems – regarding security concepts for PV-modules and inverters rounded off this informative day.

Our Sales Manager, Mr. Marco Thesing is waiting to answer your inquiries.

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Damage Control through procurement of spare modules

zolllager_300x200-neuDuring the last 10 years, more than 1.5 million PV plants were installed. The components have constantly evolved since then. Especially during the fall, these components are exposed to extreme weather conditions such as storm and hail.
Frequently, modules have been damaged so heavily due to bad weather that they cannot be repaired. However, the original components are often no longer available. So how can I find a suitable replacement – cost-effective and without much hassle? Based on a case study, Martin Schachinger from pvXchange outlines three possible options.    

The case:
Due to hail, a PV plant shows 15 damaged 225-watt modules which represent 3% of the total amount. The modules cannot be repaired hence have to be replaced.

The options:

1. Replacement with current products in the same quantity but higher output (15 x 260 watt)
Advantage: easy and cost-effective procurement respectively installation.
Disadvantage: possibly optical impairment of overall appearance; also possible is a rise of the original yield of the overall plant which could result in problems with the power supply provider regarding feed-in tariffs (compensation of increased performance only according to current tariff).

2. Replacement with current products with higher individual output but same overall performance (13 x 260 watt). In this scenario, different formats and performances will be pooled in closed strings.
Vorteil: leicht und vergleichsweise kostengünstig beschaffbar in benötigter Gesamtleistung (niedrigste Modulkosten).
Advantage: easy and cost-effective procurement of needed overall gross performance (lowest module costs).
Disadvantage: possibly optical impairment of overall appearance as well as higher installation costs; another possible risk is that modules no longer correspond with existing inverter set-up (highest installation costs).

3. Replacement of the 15 modules with suitable spare modules with similar performance parameters (220 – 230 watt).
Advantage: little to no optical impairment of overall appearance, technical requirements in sync with existing system, no noticeable change of original gross performance, simple assembly (lowest installation costs).
Disadvantage: difficult to find identical replacement modules, costs often slightly higher than for current products (highest module costs).

No matter which option you choose, pvXchange and ADLER assist you with a single point of contact. Just let us know the needed amount, exact type of module (possibly also cell technology) and frame measurements. We will check whether we have the product you are looking for on stock respectively can source it for you. For the most cost-effective solution you will receive an offer – if you wish in different variations. On top, we have a large inventory of inverters (old and current models). The installation/refurbishment of modules or inverters can be facilitated via a technician locally or – upon request – also at the ADLER Solar Service Centre.

In case repairing or upgrading the plant is not a viable option, you might want to consider a complete refurbishment. We are happy to advise you accordingly and even prepare a takeover bid for the surplus used modules if you so desire.

Martin Schachinger, Managing Director pvXchange



We look forward to hearing from you!

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