ADLER Solar and Europe Solar Concept are offering an exclusive solution for customers affected by the Solar-Fabrik AG product warning – Limited number of  KOSTAL covers available for on-site replacement!

In view of the product warning issued by Solar-Fabrik AG(*) in April of this year, ADLER Solar is now teaming up with Europe Solar Concept to offer operators of installations with the affected modules an optimized solution.

Instead of replacing the entire socket, the optimized solution from ADLER Solar and Europe Solar Concept requires only the cover to be replaced, which can ideally be done without dismantling the module. This can save costs. The socket cover from KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik GmbH, developed in accordance with the highest quality standards, is substituted for the defective cover by the experts from ADLER Solar and Europe Solar Concept right on site.

The advantages:

  • The trouble and expense of packing and transporting the modules to a repair center are no longer required.
  • Nor is there any risk of possible transport damages with the on-site solution.
  • Because the solution can be quickly performed on site, installation operators also suffer no losses of earnings.
  • Flat-roof installations enjoy another savings of time and money: as a rule, there is no need to set up scaffolding to replace the cover in such cases.

The service offer is aimed at all operators and installers of affected installations. The ADLER Solar service teams are at work throughout Germany.

You can reach our sales department and make a repair appointment at short notice by calling our service hotline at +49 421 835 701 00.

As a leading service provider in the PV industry, ADLER Solar is a proven specialist for sockets. Our PV experts have already repaired more than 300,000 sockets. As a partner of PV insurance companies, ADLER Solar provides reports written by its own certified PV experts, and is thus an experienced contact partner whenever the safety of PV installations is involved.
In Germany and throughout Europe, around 120 employees are at work for the company. Europe Solar Concept, along with HSL Laibacher GmbH, is a member of Laibacher Group, which currently employs 66 members of staff. It has been working for many years in the PV sector, and during this time has successfully installed more than 3,000 PV installations. Its core business includes project work, planning, assembly, and commissioning of photovoltaic installations, as well as coordination with energy companies.

* PRODUCT WARNING from Solar-Fabrik AG, April 2015: In the course of an ongoing assessment of your photovoltaic modules, Solar-Fabrik AG has identified a possible source of error in the sockets made in 2011 and 2012.
According to statements of Solar-Fabrik AG, these are products with the designations Premium L, M, XM and S. Intensive inspections showed that the sockets can fail on some modules whose item numbers end in “03” (“10xx-xxxx-xx03”), causing exceptional heating under certain circumstances and possibly even causing surrounding parts to catch fire.