ADLER Solar Newsletter 21.03.2018
Sobering end-of-year results 2017? This is how you boost the productivity of your PV system.

As an investor respectively operator of a PV plant you should have received the end-of-year results from your energy supplier or network operator. Often this is a disillusioning moment since the original rating has not [...]

ADLER Solar Newsletter 14.12.2017
Quality of PV Modules: ADLER Solar database offers interesting insights

Based on measurement readings of its in-house database of over 40.000 PV modules built between 2008 to 2015, ADLER Solar has now interpreted the data which offers interesting findings in re the quality of PV [...]

ADLER Solar Newsletter 15.11.2017
EPCM: The latest addition to the service portfolio of ADLER Solar

We have extended our range of services: from now on ADLER Solar also offers Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM). PV projects from 750 kWp upwards will be managed from A to Z under the [...]

ADLER Solar Newsletter 19.10.2017
Quality of PV Modules: Expert Lecture at Forum Neue Energiewelt

As part of the 18. Forum Neue Energiewelt which takes place November 16 and 17 in Berlin, Sönke Jäger, CTO of ADLER Solar will share insights and findings within the framework of the overall topic [...]

ADLER Solar Newsletter 20.09.2017
Inverter Services: Now also repair of SMA WebBoxes

We offer professional repair services of inverters and have specialised ourselves in SMA devices. Next to SMA inverters, our experts now also repair SMA WebBoxes which are no longer being produced. So, what to do [...]

ADLER Solar Newsletter 16.08.2017
Inverter defect? Benefit from the advantages of a professional repair service!

Inverters are an integral part of PV systems. Only if they function without fail, feed-in tariffs and a seamless power supply are guaranteed. ADLER Solar offers a comprehensive service for string inverters. Our experts are [...]