ADLER Solar Newsletter 20.09.2017
Inverter Services: Now also repair of SMA WebBoxes

We offer professional repair services of inverters and have specialised ourselves in SMA devices. Next to SMA inverters, our experts now also repair SMA WebBoxes which are no longer being produced. So, what to do [...]

ADLER Solar Newsletter 16.08.2017
Inverter defect? Benefit from the advantages of a professional repair service!

Inverters are an integral part of PV systems. Only if they function without fail, feed-in tariffs and a seamless power supply are guaranteed. ADLER Solar offers a comprehensive service for string inverters. Our experts are [...]

ADLER Solar Newsletter 12.07.2017
New order: Repowering of a large roof-mounted PV system

PKV Energie GmbH & Co. KG has assigned ADLER Solar to facilitate a Repowering project. In a first step, our PV experts check and analyse the performance of a roof-mounted PV system for the Frisia-based [...]

ADLER Solar Newsletter 20.06.2017
Intersolar Europe 2017: Positive Outlook

Overall, there was a noticeable sense of the solar sector having gained momentum again during this year’s Intersolar trade show in Munich. Our industry has received fresh impetus, particularly because investing in PV plants has [...]

ADLER Solar Newsletter 17.05.2017
Meet us at Intersolar 2017!

Together with our strategic partners Europe Solar Concept, pvXchange and viamon we exhibit from May 31 till June 2 at the most renowned trade show worldwide for the solar industry - the Intersolar Europe in [...]

ADLER Solar Newsletter 16.03.2017:
25 MW supply contract signed: ADLER Solar and Hanwha Q CELLS repower older PV systems

Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH and ADLER Solar Services GmbH have concluded a supply contract for 25 MW high efficiency Q.PLUS solar modules of the Q CELLS brand with integrated Q.ANTUM technology, with the option to [...]