Our Inverter Services at a glance

ADLER Solar offers a comprehensive service for string inverters. Our promise to you: speed, reliability and cost-efficiency.

Our services include:

  • Functional testing
  • Fault diagnosis / cause analysis
  • Repairs
  • General overhauls (replacing all components which affect performance and which may be at risk of failure)
  • Transport service and provision of packaging materials


ADLER Solar Service Centre for Inverters

In our own Service Centre for inverters, we are able to fully inspect your defective inverter and restore it to functionality if it is reparable. In addition to standard repairs, we are also able to offer you a complete overhaul of your device. Our logistics department will also ensure that your order is processed smoothly.

On-site services for inverters

From claims assessments to repairs through to replacement. ADLER Solar’s experienced service technicians will be on site quickly to get your inverter up and running again.
Particularly in the case of more extensive damage, it may make sense to gain an immediate impression of the condition of the inverter on site and to take direct measures to minimise loss of income.
Please contact us for a personalised quotation: wechselrichter@adlersolar.de

Spare and replacement inverters

Do you need a new inverter immediately or is your inverter not reparable? We will find you a suitable spare or replacement device. With our partner pvXchange, we already have a large range of current manufacturer and model stock and can procure these for you so that your photovoltaic plant can quickly start producing electricity for you again.
Please send your enquiry to wechselrichter@adlersolar.de

Added value for you from ADLER Solar

  • A one-stop-shop offering a complete service
  • No new purchase necessary (repair costs are generally significantly lower than purchasing a new device)
  • Quick processing times in the Service Centre or rapid provision of replacement devices
  • Downtime is minimised by carrying out on-site inspections and repairs where there is significant damage
  • Employees with many years of training and experience with inverters
  • Communication management between all involved parties
  • Transparent and professional order processing
  • Purchase of waste electrical equipment