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– Theft protection for your installation –

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About viamon

viamon GmbH has set itself the goal of ensuring and optimizing the production of renewable energies. The company develops and distributes a monitoring system for photovoltaic power plants. The core unit is the world’s first hidden, smart theft protection system for photovoltaic modules based on GPS. The technology is currently being used in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Namibia, Ghana, Nigeria, Chile, India, China and the Dominican Republic.

How it works

The MDS SEC Series of viamon GmbH provides a unique, never before available system-based theft protection for new and existing photovoltaic power plants to protect customers‘ investments. The smart theft protection is hidden in the junction box of the photovoltaic module. It responds to theft without false alarms and sends the GPS coordinates either to the operator, to a certified security station or straight to the authorities. The technology can also send alarms by way of a smartphone app or be connected to a monitoring system. This enables the authorities to respond sooner and more quickly return the stolen photovoltaic modules. Depending on the region, the surroundings and the setup, the security need is ascertained for each project in the form of a detailed security appraisal. The theft protection of viamon GmbH works all over the world and usually lowers the insurance premium and the costs of investing in conventional security measures.

The advantages for you

Specifically, the smart security solution of viamon offers the following advantages:

  • No false alarms
  • Prompt return of stolen property thanks to geofencing (GPS based)
  • Known position, direction and speed
  • Seamless integration of the security station
  • Rapid response from the authorities
  • Direct proof of theft
  • Can be used all over the world

IMG_4820_v2_RGB_Bild 2In addition, using the viamon product can make for enormous savings:

  • Lower insurance premiums (due to reduced risk)
  • Lower investment costs compared to conventional security measures

The customer profits from advantageous extra functions:

  • The product is easy to integrate into existing security and monitoring solutions
  • Smartphone app for real-time monitoring

More detailed information on viamon GmbH at www.viamon.com