– Consultancy and support when purchasing and selling solar modules, inverters and accessories –


About pvXchange

pvXchange is one of the world’s largest exchange platforms for solar modules, inverters and accessories, with more than 10,000 registered commercial customers. Buyers and sellers can get together directly and easily by way of the online marketplace founded in 2004. With the expertise gleaned from more than 20,000 successful exchange transactions and nearly ten years of market experience, the personnel at pvXchange bring together the current needs of their customers with suitable offers quickly and efficiently, helped by the huge and daily growing network of international industry contacts.

The services

pvXchange offers its customers an international business-to-business marketplace for new and used goods (modules, inverters, BOS components) at the best possible conditions. From thousands of offerings, interesting listings are constantly being chosen with an eye to quality, price and availability, and then disseminated to professional customers on the website and in the regular newsletter. In addition, pvXchange offers professional sourcing management. Particular brands and types, or suitable alternative products, are specifically acquired, for instance, for PV installations requiring replacements or additions due to damages (installation extensions). An extension of the time-tested component exchange is the partner concept. Here, pvXchange provides support for manufacturers and suppliers of innovative products or services to help with the market launch or to spread the word through website and newsletter marketing, as well as by personally approaching and advising new customers. From the very outset, pvXchange has made a point of bringing transparency to the international price structure for PV components. The monthly module price index is regularly published on many online portals and in select professional journals, and is quoted by banks and economic journalists.

The benefits

… for sellers:

  • Very low fixed costs – or none at all – for marketing and distribution compared to traditional distribution structures
  • Enhancement of brand perception and awareness on the market by taking advantage of the credibility of pvXchange
  • Easy access to new markets and a broad customer base already in place
  • Multinational sales team, practically at no charge
  • Participant vetting and escrow service – secure transaction processing with tested business partners

… for buyers:

  • The broadest selection of products on the market, impartial consultancy thanks to independence from manufacturers
  • No long-term contract commitment, products need only be bought if required and in the desired quantity
  • Fast access to insider knowledge, for instance, by way of special campaigns or surplus stock sales
  • Direct buying from manufacturer for large projects
  • Best prices thanks to centralized buying or bundled requests

You can find more information at www.pvXchange.com.