We have presented our services to you in our newsletters, such as various measuring techniques which are essential to running PV installations. The economic, legal and cost-efficient management of the investments also plays a key part in the successful operation of a PV installation, however. Here the so-called commercial management is the interface between owners or investors concerned with a PV installation and the other parties involved, such as the (technical) operator, insurance companies, banks and the authorities. Optimal interplay between engineering and commercial management calls for extensive experience and profound professional knowledge on both sides. Although the focus is usually on technical management, which is often entrusted to specialized companies, the commercial management is often neglected. Independent experts in this field can help, however. Cooperating with service providers for commercial management offers a large number of benefits:

  • Ensuring the ongoing operation of the installation and the receipt of infeed payments
  • Minimizing risk through ongoing controlling
  • Significantly enhanced efficiency through professional management of the investment
  • Consistent bookkeeping
  • Ensuring liquidity through specialized auditing, foresighted managing of bank accounts and the dunning process
  • Quick adjustment of insurance cases
  • Effective contract management: fulfillment of all contractual obligations and indications of optimization potentials for all contracts of ongoing operations (savings possibilities through renegotiated contracts)
  • Time saving (installation operators can concentrate on their core business)
  • Tailored service packages according to requirements

It is important to us for our customers to know that in this area they have experienced professionals at their side who specialize in the photovoltaic industry. ADLER Solar and BEC Solar have therefore entered into a collaboration with two well-known service enterprises in this sector: greentech GmbH & Cie. KG and juwi Operations & Maintenance GmbH. Within the scope of these collaborations, ADLER and BEC Solar are offering you a platform where you can obtain more in-depth advice on this subject and an opportunity to ensure the maximization of the commercial success of the installation along with technical and logistical services.You will find more information on the services of our new partners here: greentech GmbH & Cie. KG. juwi Operations & Maintenance GmbH

ADLER Solar provides training

candanhemd As a regionally based company, ADLER Solar has for years been offering job training to young people. Only recently, two trainees successfully completed their course of training and were taken over a few weeks ago. Since last summer, eighteen-year-old Candan Dietz has been doing a course of commercial training at ADLER Solar. He will go through various departments and thereby get an insight into all business areas. In his free time, Candan likes to engage in sports, he especially likes to play football.

Increase in the ADLER Solar team of advisors

Thilo Scharf Thilo Scharf is the most recent addition to the team of advisors and technical advisors at ADLER Solar. This 33-year-old master of the electrical trade has had himself qualified in a large number of basic and advanced training courses, such as EIB technology, European solar technology and lightning protection. He has been a TÜV-certified advisor and expert for PV installations for the past two years.

ADLER Solar at the fifteenth Forum Solarpraxis in Berlin

On November 27-28, 2014, the fifteenth Forum Solarpraxis will be held in Berlin, where the players in the solar industry will exchange ideas and obtain information on current developments. So make a personal appointment right away to meet our team there. Our distribution team is at your service to answer any questions you may have.

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