Theft of solar modules – especially in remote or rural regions – is increasingly becoming a serious problem as it causes considerable financial damage to plant operators and insurance companies. Kaiserslautern-based viamon GmbH has dealt with this issue and developed an innovative, GPS-based security solution for new and existing PV power plants. Since October ADLER Solar has been cooperating with the experts in theft protection for PV installations. The strategic partnership represents a further element in the complete service offered by ADLER Solar. Starting now, this service provider will be collaborating with its new partner to offer its customers an innovative product in the area of theft protection. The theft protection system of viamon is not visible from the outside, since it is integrated directly into the junction box of the PV module. The technology responds without false alarms in the event of theft and sends the GPS coordinates to the operator, to a certified security station or directly to the authorities. Other features include a smartphone app that gives alarm or a connection to external monitoring systems. This enables the authorities to take targeted action and quickly find and return the stolen PV modules, thereby extending the time frame for successful apprehension after receipt of the alarm from approx. 30 minutes to up to 30 days. Depending on the region, the surroundings and the setup of the PV installation, the need for security is ascertained for each project and presented in a detailed security appraisal before the system is installed. The theft protection system of viamon GmbH works all over the world and usually lowers insurance premiums and the costs of investing in conventional security measures – but can also be used to supplement these. Here are the advantages of the viamon theft protection system at a glance:

  • No false alarms
  • Known position, direction and speed
  • Rapid response from the authorities
  • Prompt return of the components thanks to geofencing (GPS-based)
  • Seamless integration of the security station
  • Can be used all over the world
  • Direct proof of the theft
  • Potential savings thanks to lower insurance premiums (because of the minimized risk) and lower investment costs compared to conventional security measures
  • The product is easy to integrate into existing security and monitoring solutions
  • Smartphone app for real-time monitoring

Now, the customers of ADLER Solar can also profit from the advantages of this smart security solution. If you are interested, we will be pleased to advise you with regard to integrating the security solution into a new or existing plant. Are you interested or would you like more detailed information on this topic? Then do not hesitate to contact our sales team:

Claas Oltmann, Sales Manager
Tel. +49 (0) 421 83 57 01 00

ADLER Solar and pvXchange offer replacement modules from their own stocks

Hagelschaden1In order to meet the demands of customers in the area of replacement modules, complete service provider ADLER Solar has been devoting itself to this issue for quite a while already. Since last spring, ADLER has been doing even more for its customers in this respect by starting a collaboration with pvXchange, one of the world’s largest platforms for searching and finding solar modules, inverters and accessories. As a competent service partner for owners of PV installations, plant operators, installers and insurance companies, ADLER Solar and pvXchange have since then provided customers with a large number of replacement modules and other plant components. As the responses up to now reveal: whether the plant breaks down due to damage (for example, through hail, storm, fire or theft) or declines in performance, the demand for replacement modules is constantly growing. The individual consultancy provided by ADLER Solar and pvXchange, as well as the subsequent procurement of suitable replacement modules or substitute products – which can be new or used modules as the case requires – offer the best possible solutions in this regard. The replacements are technically customized to the existing system so that there is no noticeable change in the original plant output (and thus no problems with the power supply company regarding the EEG compensation). This also ensures that the replacement modules will fit into the overall look of the plant. Procuring the modules calls for the expertise and experience of specialists like pvXchange, since the original modules are quite often unavailable because the manufacturers are no longer in business. Then other suitable modules must be found by means of module type, data sheet and year of production. Starting now, owners, plant operators, installers and insurance companies can directly fall back on ADLER Solar to procure replacement modules. This full-service provider for the PV industry has been building up its own stocks since mid-year and can use them to respond to requests or can acquire appropriate contingents on the market by way of pvXchange. In this way, ADLER Solar would like to even better fulfill its claim of all-round service. There is a wide variety of modules currently on offer from, for instance, Conergy, Schott, Sovello, Suntech Power, Trina Solar and Hanwha SolarOne. All are on hand right now in our spare parts warehouse in Bremen and are given a professional visual inspection at the module level by ADLER Solar. If you have questions or are interested, please contact our sales department:

Katharina Gossen
Tel. +49 (0) 421 83 57 01 00