Europe’s leading solar service provider, ADLER Solar, is going to be expanding its product portfolio and meeting the future demands of its customers and the market in Germany together with the engineering and technical support firm BEC Engineering from the greater Munich metropolitan area. Therefore a new company called BEC Solar is being founded as a subsidiary of ADLER Solar.
BEC Solar will be based in the Munich region and continue their ongoing optimization process by adding the expertise of ADLER Solar to the regional focus and international experience of recent years. ADLER Solar and BEC Engineering were connected by many years of partnership and experience in a large number of projects jointly commissioned by customers. „Our goal is to strengthen and optimize our regional presence throughout Germany. We are combining the high level of competence of both our companies in BEC Solar. Then we will offer the market an optimal product palette and regional presence from a single source. Thanks to both our companies‘ many years of experience with the needs of customers, we know about the requirements a service provider must meet in an environment as dynamic as the PV market,“ says Gerhard Cunze of ADLER Solar.
„We are going to put our many years of technical competence to work for the new company BEC Solar. Together with the service experts at ADLER Solar, we will in the future be even better able to meet the demands of our mutual customers and keep developing and offering the established products for solar systems and components. Our common goal is to ensure the performance of customers‘ systems, and thus their sustainability above and beyond the defined lifecycle, throughout Europe and internationally,“ explains Gerald Wotruba of BEC Solar.