ADLER Solar offers tailored repair solutions.

Time after time, engineering mistakes can pose a risk, as is currently the case with PV modules from Solar-Fabrik AG. Their Premium L, M, XM and S modules can be affected by a product defect. We will be glad to help you accurately identify the PV modules involved.
ADLER Solar is a specialist in repairing sockets and offers a solution, coordinated with Solar-Fabrik AG, which enables operators and installers to quickly treat and remedy the cause of the defect. In the course of recent years, our employees have repaired more than 300,000 sockets. Profit from our many years of experience. We will discuss possible solutions with you, based on your individual installation data.

Give us a call so we can make your installation safe again. If you have further questions or would like some advice, our Sales Director, Mr. Claas Oltmann, will be happy to answer your message.

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Inverter damaged by lightning. ADLER Solar offers functional testing and solutions for replacement components

Wolke - Wolke BlitzClimate change is only one of the reasons why summer storms are frequently more severe than ever, causing heavy damage to PV installations. In the last two weeks alone, severe thunderstorms caused lightning to strike all over Germany. This was also a key issue at ADLER Solar’s sixth insurance conference, held in the run-up to Intersolar in Kirchheim, where representatives of various insurance companies obtained information and talked with our experts about solutions, particularly following thunderstorms.

When lightning strikes near a PV installation, it often damages the inverters. In these kinds of situations ADLER Solar offers a special functional test. In the event that defective inverters must be replaced, pvXchange is a reputable partner you can use to procure the necessary replacement components. Whether damage is caused by lightning, hail or flood, ADLER Solar’s extensive knowledge and highly modern technical equipment can help you identify and repair damage to your PV power station, or provide you with the necessary replacement components.
Find out about our extensive services, because every storm is followed by sunshine. Our team will provide you with all the help and information you need.

Our Sales Director, Mr. Claas Oltmann, is looking forward to your message:

ADLER Solar at Intersolar Europe 2015.

Stand Intersolar_Gespräch200x130Stand Intersolar_Gruppe200x130For three days, Munich was the center of the solar industry. As Intersolar Europe was attracting thousands of visitors, ADLER Solar was right in the middle of it all.
Our stand was the scene of many pleasant encounters and interesting conversations.
Apart from making a large number of new contacts, we could deepen currently existing business relationships of many years’ standing.