ADLER Solar entered into a strategic partnership with viamon, a provider of innovative security technology for PV installations, in October 2014. After two years, both companies are pleased with the cooperation and have resolved for it to continue.

ADLER Solar and viamon have jointly implemented a total of 14 projects in the past 24 months. These projects ensured that over 2,600 PV modules were fitted or retrofitted with intelligent, electronic theft protection by the security professionals from Kaiserslautern. The successful cooperation by both partners enabled a total output of almost 200 MWp to be secured. Their teams are jointly deployed across Europe. The retrofits were performed on PV installations on-site as well as in the ADLER Solar Service Centres.

The cooperation is generally structured as follows: while viamon, the developer of the world’s first GPS-based theft protection for PV installations, consults with customers on security matters and quickly prepares a customised concept, ADLER Solar then implements the necessary measures. The PV experts from Bremen retrofit PV modules with the viamon theft protection hardware and are also responsible for incoming and outgoing inspections, including performance tests. In addition, the PV service provider takes over the entire transport logistics. The companies also offer the original fitting of the GPS theft protection: modules without a junction box are fitted with one, including the viamon security solution. The complete solution on offer is not just technically impressive, it is also extremely cost effective.

Gerhard Cunze, Executive Partner of ADLER Solar, explains: “Together, we have been able to constantly optimise the processes during the past two years so that fully fitted PV modules, including all the electronic components and after performing additional quality assurance measures, now leave the ADLER Solar Service Centre for the precise installation of the modules on the PV installation.”

viamon Managing Director Oliver Strecke adds: “The optimal integration of the services and the precise implementation as well as the reliability of ADLER Solar means that we are able to offer our customers an all-inclusive package, which includes all the services that are required for permanent theft protection. Customer satisfaction shows: our partnership concept works. More joint projects are planned, as well as the expansion of the security measures to inverters.”


Repowering: how to restore the original capacity and performance of your PV plant

120 x120 _LeistungsoptimierungSince 2013 ADLER Solar has been offering PV services to its customers referred to as “Repowering“ in our business.

PV plants lose out in efficiency over time depending on their set of components and technical conditions – either by modules degrading or decline in performance in the components used. However, an optimum performance is required to ensure sustained business success for investors or owners of PV plants.

Based on the knowledge gained from many years of experience in delivering a full service for PV plants, ADLER Solar developed solutions to halt this performance decline and return your plants to the original rating.

Our services for performance optimization are primarily addressed to banks, insurance companies and operators of PV plants.

5 steps to output optimisation

Full service for restoring the original capacity and performance of the PV plant:

  • Detailed inventory of the PV plant with technical review, output analysis, documentation and evaluation of measures
  • Development of an individual planning specification with recommendations for action and profitability analysis
  • Quotation and verification of the individual financing options
  • Project implementation, including the disposal of old modules and dealing with guarantee and warranty claims
  • Test run including monitoring, documentation and handover according to the ADLER Solar Approved Quality Standard

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Solar-Fabrik AG product warning:
According to the insolvency administrator there is a good chance of reimbursement for the replacement of the faulty connector

solar-fabrik_logoIn the spring of 2015, the insolvent Solar-Fabrik AG identified a possible source of error in its junction boxes manufactured in 2011 and 2012 as part of an ongoing assessment of its photovoltaics modules. The company issued an associated product warning in April 2015. Since then, ADLER Solar and Europe Solar Concept have been offering operators of affected installations an exclusive solution: the companies are supplying certified and premium quality junction box covers developed by KOSTAL Industrie Electric GmbH to replace the faulty connection. The companies are also offering to perform the removal and re-installation activities.

According to the latest information provided by the insolvency administrator, affected customers now have a very good chance of being reimbursed for the costs of the junction box cover and the installation activities – a corresponding claim form must be completed and submitted to the insolvency administrator. The costs would then be taken over upon completion of the process.

Gerhard Cunze, managing partner of ADLER Solar, emphasizes: “The spare part quota is limited, following great demand over the past year, just under 3,000 units of the junction box cover are still available. Now that affected customers have the prospect of having the costs reimbursed, we recommend that they contact us as soon as possible.”

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ADLER Solar at the Forum Solarpraxis: expert contribution by Sönke Jäger

soenkeADLER Solar will once again be involved in the Forum Solarpraxis this year, and not just as a gold sponsor. As part of the 17th Forum Neue Energiewelt in Berlin on 10 and 11 November, Sönke Jäger, Technical Director Engineering Solutions, will also participate with an expert contribution. At the session on the topic of the “Quality of existing PV installations”, on the second day of the event, the ADLER Solar PV expert will discuss the issue of the actual service life of PV installations based on current experience. The session will be held between 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. in cooperation with the QVSD and TÜV. Apart from other short contributions, a final question and discussion round is also planned.

Other employees as well as ADLER Solar management will also be present at the meeting of experts in the solar industry. Please feel free to arrange an appointment and contact our sales manager Claas Oltmann and his team.


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