Solare Datensysteme GmbH (SDS) and ADLER Solar – both well known for future-orientated solutions in the solar industry – have now started cooperating. The goal of the collaboration at the national and international level is to offer plant owners monitoring services from a one-stop-shop to ensure that their plants run without malfunction and with the highest possible yield

Both companies place top priority on plant monitoring as well as on the best possible performance of the plant throughout its entire life cycle. The strategic partnership now enables customers on the one hand to enjoy a significantly higher level of prevention through optimised yet innovative monitoring by SDS, and on the other, smooth operation thanks to the services and solutions provided by ADLER Solar

With its product series Solar-Log™ and the online portal Solar-Log™ WEB, SDS offer their customers innovative products and solutions for monitoring PV plants and for making efficient use of the self-generated electricity. Thanks to monitoring by SDS, technical problems can be quickly identified early on. Error messages triggered by cable damages, inverter breakdowns, and performance failures can be relayed to ADLER Solar through an online or mobile channel as soon as they appear. The experts of the full service provider analyse the causes and rectify the problem directly. In addition, the cooperation enables a long-term certainty of smooth operation by way of O&M services and the optimisation of existing systems. Losses of earnings in existing plants can be costly – Solar-Log™ can be retrofitted at any time, however.

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Visit ADLER Solar together with Europe Solar Concept, Solar-Fabrik and pvXchange at the Intersolar Europe 2016

Visit the PV experts ADLER Solar, the wholesale system provider Europe Solar Concept, manufacturer Solar-Fabrik and the international trade platform for PV modules pvXchange at the Intersolar trade fair stand B3.450. At our joint stand, we offer you excellent technical solutions and services, a broad range of new and used PV modules and components, coupled with the expertise of three leading companies that are enabling the solar industry to move forwards.

ADLER Solar are the leading full service provider for the solar industry. We offer an extensive spectrum of technical solutions and services to ensure a high level of performance and the smooth operation of a photovoltaic plant during its entire life cycle. We offer solutions for manufacturers, plant operators, installers, technical advisors, insurance companies, and banks with our expertise “made in Germany”.
Europe Solar Concept provide information on their Europe-wide offer of modules, inverters, storage systems, mounting technology, monitoring systems, and all accessories needed for the installation of photovoltaic plants. The trade fair exhibits are presented by the competent ESC staff, who also offer detailed consulting for visitors to the trade fair.

Last year, ADLER Solar and Europe Solar Concept already began offering a joint, optimised solution for the junction boxes affected by the product warning of the former Solar-Fabrik AG.

From May 2016 on the Solar-Fabrik belongs as ESC to the Christian Laibacher Group. The module production will be shortly relocated from Freiburg to the Spessart area. The Laibacher-Group plans the production of 40 megawatt of photovoltaic modules a year as a first step.

pvXchange offer their customers on the Internet an international marketplace for new and used goods (modules, inverters, BOS components) on the best of terms.

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Our service centres in Bremen and Anzing – stationary test procedures “made in Germany”

You are already familiar with our mobile solutions for tests and repairs? But did you also know that ADLER Solar also run stationary service centres at their main office in Bremen and their location in Anzing near Munich, where ultramodern test equipment, such as an AAA flasher, are used to test PV modules for damages or defects?

On request, our staff in Bremen and Anzing carry out even large margins of insulation resistance measurements, infrared heat absorption, electroluminescence tests, and sunlight simulation images. Repairs on large numbers of frames or components can likewise be carried out as needed and in consultation.

Next to our mobile solutions, the stationary test and repair service of ADLER Solar is an important supplement of the demand for services we have ascertained from more than 4.5 million processed and tested PV modules.

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Innovative solar panel technology turns raindrops into electricity


A layer of highly conductive graphene could generate electric power by sun and rain

An innovative solar panel technology could turn raindrops into electric power. Scientists from Ocean University China and Yunnan Normal University noted that this technology combines an electron-enriched graphene electrode with a dye-sensitized solar cell.
By using a thin layer of highly conductive graphene, the solar cell could effectively harness power from rain. The salt contained in rain separates into ions (ammonium, calcium and sodium), making graphene and natural water a great combination for creating energy. The water actually clings to the graphene, forming a dual layer with the graphene electrons. The energy difference between these layers is so strong that it generates electricity.


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Intersolar Europe_NeuADLER Solar is exhibiting together with Europe Solar Concept, Solar-Fabrik + pvXchange at the Intersolar Europe 2016 in Munich from 22 – 24 June and extends a warm welcome to you at Stand 450 in Hall B3.