Inverters are an integral part of PV systems. Only if they function without fail, feed-in tariffs and a seamless power supply are guaranteed. ADLER Solar offers a comprehensive service for string inverters. Our experts are specialised in SMA devices and come with long-standing experience.

For certain inverters though, spare parts and/or support offerings by manufacturers are no longer available. In this case, a professional repair service is the best solution.

The advantages of device repair versus buying a new/replacement one:

  • Much more economical for the operator
  • Attractive margin for the installation technicianr
  • In certain cases, it is possible for the installation technician to exchange the circuit board in situ
  • The operator receives the original device back

Our complete solution package:

  • Fault analysis
  • Repair at the ADLER Solar Service Centre or locally
  • Complete overhaul, pre-emptive exchange of components after consultation
  • Logistics services / packaging material
  • Optional supply of spare or replacement devices


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Product Warning Solar-Fabrik AG: Currently growing interest in exchanging junction box covers

In the spring of 2015, the insolvent Solar-Fabrik AG has detected a possible source of defect concerning junction boxes produced in 2011 and 2012 while evaluating the longevity of its PV modules; accordingly, it had issued a product warning in April 2015. Since then, ADLER Solar has offered affected PV system operators the following solution: To replace the faulty plug connection, we supply junction box covers engineered by KOSTAL Industrie Electric GmbH which are certified and in accordance with highest quality standards.

We currently experience a heightened demand since thermographic images have shown defective junction box plug connections within the context of annual inspections. To avoid risk of fire regarding affected PV modules, you are advised to exchange those junction box covers as soon as possible.

Since our quota of these junction box covers is limited, contact us today! For further information, please visit our website.


Perfect Protection: Proven security technology from viamon

Since almost three years, viamon GmbH offering innovative anti-theft technology for PV plants has been a strategic partner of ADLER Solar. That investing in the security system developed by them is a good idea has been proven beyond a doubt by the latest concrete case of an attempted solar park attack in Europe which could be warded off – and thus serious harm in a 5-digit range. The insurance company is now convinced more than ever and the incident simultaneously opened the door to further projects with the highly satisfied customer.
ADLER Solar will also be involved in these four subsequent projects for a large project developer – the realisation has already started at the beginning of this month: For a solar park in the south west of France, our experts fit out 450 module boxes by four different producers with the viamon security sensors. It is estimated that the process will be completed by the end of September, meaning the park can be connected to the network in October at the latest. The retrofitting takes place at the ADLER Solar Service Centre in Bremen.
All in all, ADLER Solar and viamon have already completed 30 mutual projects by now. Both teams cover all of Europe – the retrofitting takes place at the PV systems locally (in situ) as well as at the ADLER Solar Service Centre. Thus, an accumulated total performance rate of 300 MWp have been secured successfully through this cooperation so far. Further projects are already in the pipeline.

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