ADLER Solar Services GmbH and Solar Works Co., Ltd. have agreed to aim at a business alliance that is to be founded within the first half year of 2015. Solar Works is a subsidiary of the Japanese PV general contractor Yokohama Kankyo Design Co., Ltd. (YKD), based in Yokohama-City. On December 11th, the Letter of Intent (LOI) was signed by Mr. Masaki Ikeda, President of YKD, and Gerhard Cunze, Executive Partner of ADLER Solar, in Yokohama. The joint venture plans to provide specialized services for the Japanese market. Up to now ADLER Solar, based in Bremen, is one of Europe’s leading service providers in the PV sector. Together with its subsidiary BEC Solar GmbH, based in the region of Munich, the company thereby becomes active on the Asian market for the first time. Yokohama Kankyo Design Co., Ltd. (YKD) was founded in Yokohama in 1998. During the first years the general contractor focused on planning and constructing small solar power systems. Meanwhile the company is responsible for the development and realiziation of mega solar parks in Japan. YKD counts more than 50 employees. As a subsidiary of YKD Solar Works Co., Ltd. offers specialized services in the field of photovoltaics. The intended service offer of the joint venture is mainly to correspond to the extensive range of services of ADLER Solar and BEC Solar. The PV experts support manufacturers, insurance companies, site operators, PV experts, installers and project developers as well as wholesalers, investors and banks with specialized know-how throughout the lifecycle of PV components such as modules and the entire PV power plants (Mega Solar). Its service portfolio comprises recall campaigns, after-sales support, expert reports, technical due diligence, planning, construction supervision, quality management, failure detection, claimmanagement, spare parts and O&M service. Within Europe, ADLER Solar has accomplished numerous projects with an overall volume of more than 1GW. In Germany and throughout Europe there are more than 100 employees working for ADLER Solar. Large-scale power plant construction is booming on the Japanese market. However, the withdrawal of various manufacturers and the fact that there is a change of inspection techniques lead to the assumption that the market environment might significantly change. Consequently, there will be a rising demand for after-sales and inspection services requiring a high degree of accurate evaluation and analysis of PV power plants (Mega Solar).The President of YKD, Mr. Masaki Ikeda, confidently looks forward to the planned joint venture: “In agreeing to found an alliance with ADLER Solar, Solar Works receives the opportunity to learn and profit from the expertise that ADLER Solar has gained within more than 8 years’ experience. As a competent full-service provider our alliance intends to make a difference on the Japanese PV market.” Gerhard Cunze of ADLER Solar is also pleased about the planned alliance: „We are deeply contented that we could specify our plans of a joint venture with the signed LOI with YKD. With the brilliant network and the long-time market knowledge of YKD on the one hand and our expertise and broad experiences on the other, we will be a competent full service provider on the Japanese market.”

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