ADLER Solar and viamon complete a joint pilot project

Retrofitting of PV modules with electronic theft protection in English solar park

ADLER Solar, the leading service provider for the PV sector in Europe, has successfully completed the first joint project with its cooperation partner viamon, supplier of innovative safety technology for PV installations. On behalf of a large project developer, a joint team retrofitted more than 250 junction boxes and 83 inverters in an English solar park (total installed capacity: 18 MWp) with intelligent electronic theft protection developed by viamon.

While the viamon team was responsible for project planning and organization, as well as for retrofitting the inverters on site, the PV experts from ADLER Solar were in charge of replacing the 263 junction boxes with the viamon hardware, as well as for other services, such as incoming goods inspections beforehand and checking the performance of the retrofitted modules, as well as reassembly. On the whole, six employees from both companies were working on the project on site. It was implemented within four days.

All involved in the project – along with the client – were satisfied with the results. As Oliver Strecke, Managing Director of viamon GmbH, sums up, “We are glad that we were able to accomplish our first joint project so successfully. Thanks to our collaboration, we were able to create decisive added value for the client: he received all the desired services extremely well-coordinated from a one-stop shop.”

Gerhard Cunze, Managing Partner of ADLER Solar, also delivers a positive summary, “This initial collaboration with viamon could not have gone better. In this way, we were not only able to offer the client theft protection, but also other measures to ensure quality and thus once more live up to our claim to provide all-round service.”

ADLER Solar has been cooperating with Kaiserslautern-based viamon GmbH since October 2014. The theft experts have managed to develop the world’s first GPS-based safety concept for PV installations. Thus the company’s safety solution goes far beyond an alarm at the time a theft is taking place. The viamon technology is built right into the junction boxes and can therefore not be seen from the outside. The position of the stolen objects is ascertained so they can be retrieved from anywhere in the world.

ADLER Solar not only offers to install viamon theft protection in new installations or retrofit existing installations, but also a large number of other services related to ensuring the quality of modules and installations, such as incoming goods inspections, maintenance and inspections, technical advice, analyses, tests, and repairs.

viamon secures and optimizes the production of renewable energy in the field of photovoltaics. The company cooperates with EPCs, power plant operators (O&M), insurance companies and PV module manufacturers. It aims at securing and monitoring both power plants and systems that are only to a limited extent on the electrical grid. viamon offers a monitoring concept with a GPS-based geo fencing, which in this form can be considered the worldwide first integrated theft protection for PV modules and inverters. So far the viamon technology is installed in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Spain, Switzerland, Namibia, Ghana, Nigeria, Chile, India, China and then Dominican Republic. Further information:

ADLER Solar is the leading full service provider for the solar industry. The company employs 120 people in Germany, Europe and around the world. It offers an extensive spectrum of technical services for the entire life cycle of a photovoltaic power plant. The PV experts support manufacturers, insurance companies, operators, experts, installers and EPCs, investors and banks with specialized know-how. The service portfolio comprises recall campaigns, after-sales services, expert reports, technical due diligence, planning, construction supervision, quality management, failure detection and analysis, claim management, spare parts procurement and O&M Support. Together with the Japanese company Solar Works – a subsidiary of the PV general contractor (EPC) YKD – ADLER Solar founded the joint venture ADLER Solar Works in Yokohama, Japan, in 2015.

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